Coming back

I like to think I am reflective, but I am probably just reactionary. I say I am introverted but in words, I spill my secrets. I mostly engage with fiction, so non-fiction will be a challenge. I want to be the model student but my obligations and duties already weigh me down.

I am reminded of several useful cliches:

When you want something done, give it to a busy person

If you’re too busy to read, you’re too busy


Embrace the Chaos.

I am feeling much trepidation. I want to believe this course will inspire my teaching and my learning. But I am as flighty and overloaded as any digital native. I started my Masters of TL about 4 years ago, stopped and now I am back. I want to succeed. I want to learn. But most of all, I want to find joy in it.

I must slow down and give myself time.


2 thoughts on “Coming back

  1. I concur. I also find my time stolen, if I let it. Educational computing, certainly seems to me to take up time. So much for computers ‘saving time’. On the other hand, here we all are, learning together from ‘everywhere’. Wow! My students and I even Blog through our Department blog of an evening – I suppose this is called ‘Flipped Classroom’.


  2. Yes, I am often answering emails at night about forgotten passwords and the inability to log on to Blackboard. I like being useful, but I think it would feel more satisfying if I was engaging at a level like yours. Keen to get something started like that.


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