And when I say

I am seen as ‘just the reading teacher’, I love that description.

Building and maintaining a strong reading culture in a school remains a critical part of a teacher librarian’s role. It has been my priority for the past five years. I reach out to students through fiction and my knowledge of it has allowed me to build strong partnerships with readers.


But it’s time to focus on other increasingly more complex concerns, like information fluency & ethics, and technological innovation. I want to better understand the concept of connected learners. I will still build working relationships with my students, but on a more academic level.

It occurs to me that this course promotes a much happier (healthier?) perspective on the impact of  digital technologies on education than the one I currently have. I tend to lament what doesn’t work rather than celebrate what does. I note those teachers who reject the paradigm shift, instead of those who embrace it. I have more contact with those students who can’t manage the myriad of expectations, than those who competantly and efficiently balance their digital load.

Being more positive is good. Reading fewer YA books won’t kill me. Consciously working at being aware of the ways technology can improve learning, though – that’s the key.

I want to turn the lock, and open that door. #cutesyanalogies #toomuch? #thereisareasonforthesehashtags #waitforit

Photograph taken by PJ Buckley with student’s permission.




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