Blog Task #4 see my way through

I am in the process of transition. The antiquated school library system is being upgraded to an online cloud solution. It’s ridiculous to be attempting this mid-term. I am aware. It has resulted in mild chaos for overdues, daily staff loans and keen researching students. It’s cause for trepidation amongst library assistants who are already dealing with change and instability. It means nothing is being catalogued or monitored.

And yet, I am very excited about it.

Card_Catolog01I am excited because of this course. All the reading of modules, the viewing of TED talks, the flow of forum posts has allowed me greater awareness of the possibilities of a web-based catalogue. I know it’s a simple thing, but being able to access the catalogue anywhere, any time, on any device, is a powerful idea, and one that can be exploited and promoted to great effect.

The students will be more participatory. They will be able to not only manage their own borrowings, but they can upload reviews, rate resources and use the federated search as a one-stop shop for all their research and source materials (oh yes, that’s how behind we are. #nojudging).

The staff will be better serviced. With the ability to send alerts, set up notifications, and publish regular newsletters, there will be greater awareness of new teaching materials. There is the option to create learning objects, and curate (more) OER materials and even a lesson planning module. Library staff need to be seen to be value-adding to classrooms and teacher efficiency, so my hope is that this new system can increase our visibility.

I know the next month won’t be easy. There will be issues with IT to be negotiated, and kinks in the system to straighten. There will be days of confusion and melt-downs. But I remain excited. I love possibilities, challenges and even chaos. Hopefully my optimism will see us through.

I thank all of you for helping me see my way through.


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One thought on “Blog Task #4 see my way through

  1. You’ve taken a huge step – but the excitement of it will sustain you through the teeth-grinding that’s still sure to come 🙂 your learning community will be better off and you deserve to celebrate!


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