Assessment item # 6: Digital Storytelling Topic Proposal

Proposed Topic: Original fictional narrative with integrated digital affordances to create an immersive emotional experience.

dig pic 6

Proposed digital Tools and/or spaces to be used: I would like to experiment with a couple of tools before I make a final decision. Options include Creativist, Animoto, and Slideshare, but if none of these let me achieve what I want, I will return to Keynote or PowerPoint.

Rationale for topic focus for digital storytelling project: For the past three years, our Year 8 English students have created their own digital stories. As stimulus the students discuss and analyse a range of cultural and visual texts in class, such as My Girragundji (McDonald & Pryor, 1998) and the short animated film, The Lost Thing (Tan, 2010). This assessment task is part of a Cultural Studies Unit, and covers a range of core components of the Australian Curriculum, in particular, creating imaginative texts (ACELY1736), recognising differing viewpoints about cultures (ACELT1807), and understanding different ways to interpret visual texts according to audience, purpose and context (ACELT1628).

Although each year, the stories have improved, they still lack style and sophistication, particularly with digital elements. The task is not as successful as we would like because we don’t have a good exemplar, which is why I want to create a digital story that will show students what one should look like. We have also failed to find a suitable digital tool that meets all our needs, and I look forward to experimenting with new alternatives I have discovered. Finally, teachers don’t really have a clear understanding of the concept of digital stories, so I hope to record my creative process as a guide.

My digital story will inherit several key elements from the task requirements: narrative structure, a belief or value such as tolerance or respect, and evidence of empathy. The digital affordances, such as image, music, voice-over, and sound effects must not infringe copyright so my goal is to use original material.



Australian Curriculum (2014) Year 8 English. Retrieved 12/09/14 from

Digital Story Image by P J Buckley (2014) created in Brushes.

The Lost Thing (2010), DVD Madman Entertainment, Australia. Shaun Tan creator.

McDonald, M & Pryor, B (1998) My Girragundji, Allen & Unwin, Melbourne.




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