Intro to INF506

[social network] noun


To be socially networked is to be present in virtual worlds. To create an identity and be visual. To juggle many balls, to ensure a positive footprint, offer a consistent voice, be a politically correct sounding board. It’s all easy until it isn’t. It’s all fun until it’s not. And it’s all free, until it costs.

I am aware of my cynical attitude to social networks. It’s because I live with three cynical males. I am constantly told how much my data is helping big corporations. My sons mock me when I think I am edgy. My husband refuses to come on board. But that’s okay. I interact, I connect, I feel a part of something.

I don’t have time to have a wide array of interests. Between work and study and CBCA, I barely have time to fold clothes. So, my online life is hardly vibrant or illuminating. I read books. I post reviews. I have connected my GR to my fb and to my twitter. So it’s all I post. Boring huh? But see, it isn’t really. Because I don’t spend any time looking at my own posts; I look at others. It’s all about the connections. Some one who follows Bieber, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian on twitter are going to have a totally different experience from mine. It’s pretty clear where my allegiances lie – Allen & Unwin, Penguin House Australia, Inside a Dog, and IBBY reflect the kind of information I want to see.

So Facebook has become a place for me to learn more about librarianship. Liking ALIA, and ASLA, and Guardian Culture means I can keep up on events and research, and then allows me to share or comment. Following @Wild Things Bookshop, @Bris Writers Fest and @Carnegie Greenaway lets me know what’s happening close to home and far away.

Looking at the wordle, the scary concepts for me are ‘consumption’, and ‘allow’. Teenagers just consume. There’s little thought or consideration. And they allow…allow access, allow sharing, & tagging, and it’s 24/7. There is no time out, no wait and see, no pause for dramatic entrance. Just full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes.

So where to find me:


They are the main ones. I have tried almost all the others, these are the ones that have stuck.

But is the face of social networking changing? And who decides if and when it does? Are the Google Apps a social network? I can’t believe how useful Google Docs are. Why isn’t anyone on Ello? Why aren’t kids more terrified of this stuff?

All good questions. But really, I just want to know how to get people to get off their living room couches to attend (our cbca) functions. Is it possible that the answer lies in social networking? Enquiring minds (by that I mean mine) want to know.











2 thoughts on “Intro to INF506

  1. I think it is quite normal that people looking at other post more than their own one. At the same time they may be so “interested” in the comments people give to their posts. It is just like the people play the piano in the concert but rarely interested in how they play rather than people’s comments. Quite self-center actions don’t it?

    Google is so amazing, it really changes our network life, and then our life.


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