The ASU social networks

The Arizona State University’s comprehensive suite of web 2.0 tools seems reasonably effective. Their asu logolibrary channel paves the way to create independent learners, primarily using snappy one minute videos, to provide information to patrons without overwhelming them, or even worse, boring them. They use an actual librarian filming her in a number of different ways – sometimes close-up, sometimes further away, often with text appearing beside her, images behind her and music over the top of her (voice). Younger people are familiar with this presentation of information, and there is safety in that comfort zone. I also felt a homage to the vlogbrothers videos, and the fact that John & Hank Green have often 300 000 views on their three minute videos means the ASU team have chosen their style well.

But how successful are these attempts to connect with the users? In terms of content-creation, it most definitely is. The One Minute Library explanation of ‘study Spaces’ is clear and concise. The quick glimpse at each location shows how they are used, and it never feels overdone, or too busy. The added humour at the conclusion is expected (having watched a few), which keeps viewers there right to the end. It is three years old though, now, and I wonder if there may have been changes to the physical layout, and perhaps an updated video is necessary.

What about numbers of views? The One Minute Library videos range between about 500 and 5 500 views each. All up, the 20 videos have 12 881 views and am I being too cynical when I ask the question, how many of these are students from CSU watching them for critical analysis? If I were one of the ASU team, I would be a little disappointed in these numbers. Conversation is a crucial element of web 2.0, and there is no conversation if one group is going halfway, but the other group is not meeting them there.

But there has been a genuine attempt to create a community and to provide a virtual space where, should users feel so inclined, collaboration can take place.


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