5 things I learnt from my INF506 project, and 1 thing I didn’t

What did I lbookshop3earn from using social media to promote a project requiring strangers to volunteer to do something they’ve never done before?

One. Don’t expect people to volunteer for something they’ve never done before, and don’t ask people when they are on holidays.

Two. Be forceful, be enthusiastic, but also be mindful of not overpowering someone’s social media streams

Three. Line up strong contacts who have strong, effective social media connections already built up. Why, oh why didn’t I talk to this woman? She’s one of my best friends!!

Four. Cross pollinate feeds. I didn’t take enough advantage of Facebook. It should have been linked to the Twitter and Instagram accounts so the message was distributed more successfully.

Five. Create your own content. Don’t just rely on re-tweeting other people’s tweets, linking to articles, or liking Instagram pictures. Be original and classy!

fb summary

What didn’t I learn?

One. I didn’t learn how to involve regional groups effectively. They need a different approach, but I am not sure what that might be.





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