Group Collaboration

I have been very happy with our group’s collaborative efforts. Adam, Adele and Nat are terrific workers, excellent thinkers, and very supportive colleagues. We have a 20 page Google doc, where we have, for the past week, shared our thoughts on the topic and our individual understanding of it, and what we want to achieve. There are four different colours representing four speakers and mostly there’s purple.

Yes, that’s me. I tend to say/write/ramble a lot. It’s not –

‘we should do this…’

‘I think this is right’

It’s more –

‘maybe this might work…’

‘what do you guys think?’

‘Julie says …’

‘I read somewhere that….’

And while it’s sometimes frustrating not to get an answer straight away, it’s terrific to look back and see how much we have interacted, we have all had our say, and we have come up with a hypothesis that somehow fit all our specific needs.


Most importantly, it’s been fun, productive, and effective. Now onto the hard bit. Making this happen




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