Coordinated social media campaign

Yesterday the CBCA announced its yearly Book of the Year Awards Short Lists. While the official lists go public on the website at midday, there is always concern about overloading the site, and this year there was the addition of approximately 300 people together at the conference hearing the announcement live.

With such pressures, we plan a coordinated social media campaign to share the message to a range of relevant platforms, primarily to relieve some of the burden from the website, but also to reach people through their preferred medium.

This is another example of the power of digital environments by showing flexibility for their audience. We are aware that the people most interested in the Short List are educators, public libraries and book sellers. While social media may be not available through government school networks, that is not true for businesses or libraries. Allowing them to access the information through Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram, means fewer people are on the website, allowing those whose only means is through that channel, to have quicker access.

With four different people working on different platforms simultaneously, the lists were shared through a consistent series of images.

2016 SL

On Twitter:

For over 2 hours, we were trending on Twitter. I suspect it helped that the conference attendees were also tweeting madly. trending


Although not as popular on Instagram, we received ‘likes’ from people not on other platforms, or who came to this one first.





Facebook was a similar story. Each post received somewhere between 11 and 36 ‘likes’ and between 2 and 13 ‘shares’. Not sure why the Eve Pownall list was so popular. Perhaps because it was posted last, and by that time people realised their own power to engage.


Lastly, at approximately 5 pm, we posted them to the Reading Time blog, to coincide with the newsletter distributed to our subscribers once a week. This way, it would be the top post, allowing it to reach another group of relevant persons.

Finally, a quick look at the hourly statistics for the website yesterday.

BOYA stats

Just after midday we hit a peak of over 1 000 hits, with the overall number approximately 4 500 across the whole day. [stats by Google Analytics].

Such a plan requires collaboration and preparation. While not strictly a digital ‘learning’ environment, it is a situation targeting people in the business of teaching and learning, and is often administered and organised by educators in their own time. Having to work with people I have never met in person, who live all across Australia is my current reality, and puts me in good stead for when I return to a library and a school, because all of our experiences in a virtual space can translate to real life, and can allow me to connect with students who are clearly living these online lives in myriads of ways.






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