Leading Learning and Computer Science

The last two weeks of colloquia have been on vastly different content, but both sell the same message. We need to change the way we manage our classrooms, and the syllabus documents are finally starting to reflect that need – and move classrooms from a point of choosing to be more inquiry based, to demanding that they are. ‘Laggards’ (Rogers and Shoemaker, 1971) are really on their last chance.

Pip Cleeves is the best example of her own philosophy (Cleeves, 2016). Her classes are full of 21st century learning, and her passion and enthusiasm for this type of practice means her colleagues are very lucky to have her on board. She does what she says. She does it well. She does it passionately.

We are all at different stages of that 21st century teaching and learning journey. Having only recently returned to a school after 12 months of relief work, it’s been both comforting and challenging. I can see a strong change in teaching methods, and at this school at least, it’s coming from the top. Great to see a leadership team that seems to recognise the value in the concepts of blended, flipped and cross curriculum classrooms. I am only just starting to integrate myself into these discussions, and my confidence is growing.

Last week’s contribution by Rebecca Vivian honestly left me lost. I have managed to become reasonably tech savvy without learning code or delving into other technical aspects. Which suits me. My focus too, has always been on boys (my own sons and 10 years in a boy’s school), so this shift to girls is sharp and swift. Robotics at my new school is being given much attention, and the person in charge is taking on the leadership over their conservative views on YouTube and social media. I will watch with interest.

What has surprised a lot of us has been the continual discussion around analytics. Even last night, Annabel from ABC Splash had her version of data collection. It’s becoming a constant in this subject.


Cleaves, P. (2016, July 28). Leading learning in a Web 2 world [online meeting]. In INF537 Colloquium week 3. Retrieved from CSU LMS Interact2.csu.edu.au 

Rogers, E.M. & Shoemaker, F.F. (1971). Communication of innovations : a cross-cultural approach,  2nd ed. New York : Free Press.


One thought on “Leading Learning and Computer Science

  1. Hi Trisha,

    You are right when you say that there is really little choice left to get on board with the use of digital technologies. The one thing I am refining from these colloquiums is my definition of pedagogy in relation to the use of digital technologies.


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