ABC Splash – Annabel Astbury Colloquium #4, week 5

splash-logoHelen Stower, Cameron Innes and I moderated the week 5 colloquium with Annabel Astbury from ABC Splash.

This type of resource is exactly what teachers claim they want. Easy to access, short, snappy sections of content, on the mark, and visual, interactive and Australian. So it ticks all the boxes. It’s reassuring to know that it is being organised and delivered by someone like Annabel with a background in teaching. They should perhaps make a bigger deal about the team, and show users these amazing workers and their credentials.

So, it was interesting to hear that among a group of 200 strong educators that there seemed to be a significant number who didn’t know about it. It’s probably something they’ve heard about, but never bothered to check out. How many times do we hear about teachers who are too busy to give quality time to check out programs or apps, or websites? In the end, giving up some preparation or correction time to ‘play explore learn’, can prove to save time and ultimately be beneficial. This has increasingly become one of the tasks of the Teacher Librarian – to actively seek out resources of all kinds, and share those with teachers who are overwhelmed with many other tasks.

Once again, analytics proved to be used in crucial aspects of design and delivery. The more data is gathered, the more insight is collected and used to produce even more relevant and valuable resources. We, now at the end of our studies, realise how crucial it is, not only in scholarly practice, but also our practical world. In our libraries, organisations or classrooms, it appears to be growing both in terms of reference, and necessity.

Each colloquium has offered something unique, but they have also contributed to our growing understanding of the extent to which education can and has been impacted by digital technologies.



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