Case study proposal


Impact of a collaborative planned K-6 Library Program

Proposal Topic: To what extent has the introduction of a K-6 library program in the St Aidan’s Junior Library impacted on formal teaching and learning, on the profile of the library, and on the students themselves? What unexpected positive results have occurred?

Description: Teacher Librarians Megan Daley and Jackie Child are colleagues at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School. Two years ago, they designed a physical space in their junior library to incorporate a K‑6 program which combines literature, digital technologies, and makerspace activities. Over that time, the program has developed and grown through review and collaboration. This case study plans to examine the goals of the program, and measure the level of success. These goals include:

  • Incorporating elements of the Digital Technologies Curriculum (DTC)
  • Developing lifelong learners and readers
  • Promoting Computer Science and Engineering careers to girls
  • Raising the profile of the junior school library, and promoting it as a community hub

As well, the study will examine the impact on formal teaching and learning by surveying teachers, the perception of the program and the library in the school community by surveying parents, and the impact on students by surveying them. It will also reflect on any unexpected outcomes.

 Expected outcomes:

  • To articulate the vision and the goals of the K-6 program over the last two years, and analyse changes in the light of review
  • To identify skills and processes the students have developed that align with the DTC
  • To measure the impact of a library program on formal teaching and learning
  • To examine the perception of libraries and their role in the wider school community
  • To survey invested parties to gather feedback on explicit and informal learning.
  • To evaluate the impact on students
  • To reflect upon unexpected consequences and how this impacts on the program in the future
  • To use the gathered and analysed data to put forward recommendations

Case Study Plan:

August 29 – September 2

  • Meet with Megan and Jackie to articulate their vision.
  • Conduct a literature review on the growth of makerspaces and the way libraries change to remain relevant, and to support teaching and learning.
  • Design surveys appropriate for each group

September 5 – 16

  • Conduct surveys and interviews
  • Continue with Literature review

September 19 – October 10

  • Collate and analyse survey findings
  • Write up findings and recommendations
  • Write up critical reflection

2 thoughts on “Case study proposal

  1. Well done for being able to reinvent your case study at such a short notice! Sounds really interesting, and I like the idea that it is a job-share so has an additional dimension in collaboration and handover / continuity. Look forward to seeing the end result.


  2. You should hear them together. They finish each other’s sentences, and are very direct and honest with each other.

    The library has some amazing spaces and displays. It’s obvious they love what they do, and they are very good at it.


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