Surveys (in draft form)

My case study is quite different from many others, in that I am completing it on behalf of others. This causes me some angst because I am not receiving feedback from the invested parties (Megan & Jackie) as quickly as I would like. I created three surveys that will be used with the parents, the teachers, and the students of the school, and either Megan and Jackie say ‘oh it looks good’, and don’t reply at all.

I need to impress on Megan and Jackie the need to study the wording, the multiple choices, and the range of questions carefully to ensure we are tapping into the heart of our goals. But they are busy, I get that. Maybe you can help. Here  are the three surveys. What do you think? I don’t want to ask too many questions of parents. I do not want to put the words ‘digital technologies’ into the mouths of teachers. I want them to come up with them. As for students, I want to give them words, but also let them have a chance to choose their own as well.

The Parent Survey

The Teacher Survey

The Student Survey

It’s a start. I think I am on the right track.

I have also added another comment to the VoiceThread – a very short summary of my meeting with Megan and Jackie.


2 thoughts on “Surveys (in draft form)

  1. Hi Trisha. I like your case study idea – it is authentic and will be helpful to you in your role. My case study is also reliant on the co-operation of others, so I relate to your anxiety about hoping that your colleagues will help you in the time frame we have to submit our next assignment.

    I am not familiar with the “heart of your goals” as you an your colleagues are obviously, but here is my feedback about your surveys from an outsider’s perspective:

    Q4 – I am wondering if the question should read something like “We have taught/explored/discussed (whatever term applies to your context) the following skills in library lessons this year. Please tick any skills that you have noticed yourself using for your every-day learning:”

    How effectively do you expect younger students to respond to this question?

    I am also wondering if some of the labels you have used need some explanation (eg. inquiry research skills – can students name what these are?)

    Q6: A different way of asking this could be: “Do you think marks should be assigned to library projects?”
    I think we should / should not get marks for library projects because…

    Q7: Could you use a 5 step/7 step scale to capture and quantify student response to this?
    Eg. Please indicate on the scale below how you feel about learning in the library program:

    From “I don’t enjoy it” to “I love it”

    Q2: Has the Junior School Library altered or re-positioned itself within the school community?
    Please describe your feelings/opinions about this:

    Q3: Do you believe the library program benefits students in your classroom?

    Is Q4 collecting similar data to Q2?

    Q6: Can you make some suggestions to start teachers thinking? We don’t know what we don’t know – its hard to seek assistance for something you don’t know there is assistance available for.

    Looks good to me.


  2. Hey Jo

    Thank you for your insights. I have made extensive changes to surveys. Waiting for approval from co-conspirators now.

    Thanks again.



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