One more survey

For me, one of the interesting aspects of Megan and Jackie’s forays into the Maker spaces world is the recognition they have been granted in the teacher librarian community. Or is it in fact, only because I follow their exploits on many of their social media outlets that I know so much about about their achievements.

So I have created one more survey that I would like our colleagues to complete. This will identify whether their fame has extended out beyond friend networks into broader professional ones.


Sharing and teaching others is a considerable criteria of digital scholarship (Boyer, 1990). Megan and Jackie qualify for this label because their journey has involved all of the foundations of scholarship. They set out to discover how best to promote 21st century teaching and learning practices, and when they researched the components of the Digital Technologies Curriculum, the engagement offered through maker spaces experiences, and applied it to their core work of research and literary lessons to build an integrated program, they demonstrated vital criteria of scholars. But to also take the one step further to not only share their learning, and their journey, but to also agree to teach it to others, is an indicator of what’s best about being a digital scholar (Weller, 2011; Pearce, 2010).



Boyer, E. L. (1990). Enlarging the Perspective Scholarship Redefined Priorities of the Professoriate. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Pearce, N., Weller, M., Scanlon, E., & Ashleigh, M. (2010). Digital Scholarship Considered: How Technologies could Transform Academic Work. in education, 16(1). Retrieved from

Weller, M. (2011). The Nature of Scholarship The Digital Scholar: How Technology is Transforming Scholarly Practice (pp. 41-51). London: Bloomsbury Academic.


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