Royalty: Favourite royal characters

Yay, it’s the purple day in the #rainblowblogchallenge. My fav colour. And of course, what else to discuss except those of noble and royal birth. Hmm, actually I have struggled to write find appropriate books because I have never read Princess Diaries, nor am I a huge fan of fairy tales (even the re-imagined ones). So, it’s with this warning, I give you three books with royal characters and why I love them.

I read The Darkest Part of the Forest (January 2015) a week after it was released. This is how much I love Holly Black’s book. Okay, so I said I didn’t really read a lot of re-imagined fairy tales, and some people could say this is a version of sleeping beauty. The faery prince tucked away in the glass coffin is certainly a pretty boy. And while he sleeps, Ben and Hazel make up stories about him. They both love him, and are aware that the faeries around their small town tolerate the humans, but in reality can be lethal.

By the time the prince awakes, Black has us spellbound with fascinating characters, and a captivating landscape. Her vision of faeries are dark and sinister, and it takes all the four main characters’ courage to keep the village and its folk safe. Royally creepy.


I read The Winner’s trilogy over a number of years, finally finishing with The Winner’s Kiss this year (March, 2016). While Kestral is only a general’s daughter, and Arin a soldier (spy), they both rise up through the ranks in their respective countries to be people of power. Their romance moves from innocent forbidden, to surviving trauma and separation. Their scheming and politic-ing really binds the world-building and the plotting together. A royally cohesive series.


Finally, most recently, I read the first book in a new series by Amy Tintera called Ruined (May 2016). Em is a princes of a destroyed kingdom. When she pretends to be someone else to marry the son of her despised enemy, readers know the set up with be filled with tension of her discovery. There is considerable bigotry towards those with magic, and the torture scenes are quite graphic. Tintera lets us know that war is hopeless and cruel. The conclusion of the first book sets up an intriguing second book, in which it seems Em will have to choose between her country and her family (also her love). Oh, princesses do not have it easy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.I am royally keen to read on.


The absolutely best thing about all three books/series is the inclusion of same-sex relationships as normal, healthy and accepted. I would love to see this attitude in more contemporary novels too. Love is love is love. Irrespective of how royal your blood.

Thanks to the hosts of the #rainbowblogchallenge for these terrific prompts.


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