Best of 2016: First in a series

There were as many new series started as there were finished in 2016. I am sure many of you can add to this list in the comments with your favourites. I read quite a few (and dnf’ed some of them) so when they all begin to blur into each other, a book that stands out, and makes me wish for the next one will make it to the list. Other ones that just missed out: Lady Midnight, Knights of the Borrowed Dark, & The Girl from Everywhere.

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (February 2016)

Just won best debut novel on Goodreads, so that says something about it. I loved the Arabian night style setting, its rebels with many causes, and Amira herself is snarky and brave. The plot twists around and leads us in unexpected directions. Looking for to Number 2, (which I actually already have thanks to Netgalley).

The Road to Winter by Mark Smith (June 2016)

A well crafted Australian post-apocalyptic survival story, set in the not-too-distant-future. Finn is a admirable protagonist, full of resilience and moral character. His attempts to save Rosie and find her missing sister make for a suspenseful, action-packed thriller. Better though is the insightful comments about the direction Australia is heading, and it’s not pretty. Short, tight and worth the fast, furious ride.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye (July 2016)

Another fantasy novel that is grounded with historical detail, and a strong sense of setting. Imperial Russia has never looked so magical. Nico and Vika know they have to fight for the right to be the only enchanter, and the crown’s game pits them against each other. Of course, there’s a love story, and a third love interest, so it’s all very complicated. But the magic the two create is a highlight in this tense duel to the death.

Come back on Monday when I talk about my favourite historical novels of 2016.


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