I’m Not in the Band by Amber Garza

I’m not in the Band by Amber Garza

Published by Entangled Teen
Released on June 12th 2017
ISBN: 9781640631137

Read on: June 6th 2017


I’m not in the Band ticks all the usual boxes for the Entangled Teen brand. It is a romance focusing predominantly on the two main characters, in this case, Kassidy and Archer. We see they both have secrets to hide, although not really dreadful ones. There is some interaction with adults, mostly parents and teachers, although this one has less time spent with friends than in previous books I have read.

I quite like Archer’s motley group of friends. We see bit more of Mac and John through playful social media messengers. I especially liked seeing the boys chat this way—often there is a presumption that girls use online communication more than boys, and I believe that is false. The humour and joking between the boys shows strong friendship bonds. These two really had Archer’s back.

Something that Kassidy acknowledges and realises it’s not something she has any more. This aspect of the story—Kass’s loss of friends is the big secret, and ultimately, I was disappointed with how this played out. I wanted her anxiety and grief to have a more powerful emotional impact on readers, and I don’t think it quite hit the mark.

Together, Kassidy and Archer have great chemistry. I was glad we didn’t have THAT miscommunication, although Archer’s jealously and insecurity came close. But there was communication and forgiveness and understanding.

I realise I haven’t really provided plot premise. It’s very simple. Archer’s identical twin brother Ross is a pop star. He has experienced too many girls pretending to like him to get to Ross, so when he discovers Kassidy doesn’t know who Ross is, he takes a chance on his attraction. They go on a few dates, but they are both insecure and vulnerable. I liked them both a lot.

Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Teen for providing an advanced copy. I’m not in the band is out in the US on June 12th. Recommended for teens who like their romances wholesome and adorable. This cute pair have both suffered and need time to overcome their fears. There is some snide commentary from other girls, and thankfully Ross doesn’t turn out to be a complete egotist. It also has a very happy-ever-after, which is lovely.


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