Lists of books

I see educators asking all the time for lists of books on all topics and genres. I will create some here, including both recent publications and relevant (hopefully still in print) older titles. If you have any suggestions that would qualify, please add them in the comments.

Medieval Fiction List – useful for middle grade classes studying Medieval History and need a supporting (optional) fictional text. Includes books from Western and Eastern cultures. Also books set in fantasy worlds, but that offer lifestyles similar to a medieval landscape.

Contemporary books – A list of books in which young people are faced with conflict and tension, as a way to develop character growth. Some are inspirational, others are aspirational, and generally they do not have an excess of violence, strong language or depressing resolutions. Australian titles are indicated by ‘Oz’ in the date column. Appropriate for Years 7 – 9 (11 to 14 year olds).

There is a growing awareness of the need to have books that include diversity and inclusiveness. I have developed three lists that include books where people of colour (poc), people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA people are the main characters in their own stories, and are represented positively. By that I mean, they are treated the same as anyone else – they have flaws, they make mistakes, they try to be better, and they have healthy relationships. Some of the books do try to elicit compassion and empathy from readers, and by doing so, they attempt to educate and inform others about what it’s like to experience a different sort of life.

Ethnic Diversity Middle & Senior
Characters with a disability Middle & Senior – includes physical, psychological, and medical representations
LGBTQIA Fiction Middle & Senior