Review: Dawn Study by Maria V Snyder

Dawn Study by Maria V Snyder

Published by: Harlequin Teen Australia
Released: February 2nd 2017
ISBN: 9781848456891

Read: January 20 2017

The final book in the Soulfinders series is complex. I don’t envy Ms Snyder her task to devise all the plotting and planning required to shift this many characters around so many different circumstances and locations. Of course she handled it with surety and ease. I never felt confused or lost. I was able to keep track of Yelena, Leif, and Janco, and even when we met up with Heli and the Stormdancers, there was enough backstory and exposition to assist my understanding without dragging the pace of the narrative.

As is par for the course, Valek and Yelena often separate to complete different tasks or missions, and consequently, readers are often on the edge of their seats as they continually put themselves in danger in order to make sure there’s peace for the other. It’s noble and always been the way with this amazing pair of heroes. Both suffer a great deal in this book, and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good if the herd had an easy time of it. This battle is hard fought, hard won and worth every minute of the read.

Everyone has a part to play to beat Bruns at his own game. Much about his plans and his allies are revealed through the story, some of it alarming, but it all fits in with the series, right back to the original trio of books (the Study Series). Snyder has created consistent theories, which show her ability to plan for the long term. I am interested to see what she moves on to next. Considering all her books fall in the Chronicles of Ixia series, there’s a good chance there will be more set in this universe. Yay.

Let’s talk a little about the ending. It’s perfect. There, that’s enough, surely. A little more? Okay. Snyder doesn’t rush through the happy scenes. We are given lots of information about all the characters, and most of them end up where we expect and would want them. That does mean there are some farewells and departures, which evoke some tears and sadness.

I very much enjoyed this book and know it will satisfy everyone who has followed Yelena and Valek to this point. Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Teen Australia for advancing me this copy. I have seen at least three different Australian release dates, so I am going to promote the one on the publisher’s site. Released February 2nd 2017.

Recommended for readers who love their fantasy, with strong world-building, and brave, resilient characters. The relationships are adult, but there is a positive range of ages, from young children through to grandparents who are all determined to do their bit. The banter is snarky, the characters depict diversity, and Snyder affirms that family are chosen as well as determined through blood. Brings this series to a close.


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